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never will be good enough

I have been dancing  forever, it's frustrating when people just start and become amazing. I know he's going far...I wish I was too. Everybody loves him I wish the same for me.

I want to die

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all i wanna do is go disapear

I want to be gone for awhile just gone then when I get the strength I want to come back.. Maybe I'll come back as someone else and I won't have to be me anymore. why do I feel this way, I shouldn't be feeling this depressed all the time.

nobody likes me can't say I'm suprised

college has put me through more horrible moments then any other moment in my life. I don't know how it could be worse but I think it will only get worse from here

college sucks

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apparently i went through all the stress for nothing!!! My dance teacher is an a**hole! I had top write a 5 page essay whn I had the flu, go in for an interview on my mom's birthday! now none of that matteres because my A**hole dance teacher didn't send my oletter of recomendation in on time! I did all the work and stressed over it for nothing! Thanks a lot stupid bitch!!!!!!!!

why do I keep skrewing up?

I can't belive what I did today. I accumplished what I thought was impossible I got a 30 min running a 4k. The reason I thought this was impossible was I walked most of my 4K last year and got  25min. I was soo embarressed about it! but it was my first race ever and I improved every race. This year I ran hard I'm in shape and I got 30min!! How is that possible?!?! Its the same course!! No one in the history of the cross country team has got over 25min!! what is wrong with me!!! and the worse part is they post all the times in the locker room for everyone to see!!! I wish I could keep this to myself but now everyone will know! There must be somthing wrong with me.


 .Everyone in the world feels so fake to me. We go to school, say hi to our friends, gossip, bad mouth teachers and complain about homework. but, theres more to people then that. Everyone has a part of them thats weird or freaky but none of us will show our true selves to anyone. We may never truely know anyone. I look at the popular kids and wonder if they ever think about commiting suicide, or if the emo kids really love to go shopping and pick out dresses on the weekends. I don't think anyone fits into a steriotype but we all force ourselves into one to belong somewhere. What if the person you thought was so different from you happened to have the most in common with you. sometimes I think schools should all make us take a personality test and put kids in rooms with who answered the same thing, so we could get to know people we would never talk to. But no, schools a place for learning about science, math and english. and teachers can't take one day out of the school year to do this because we have to compete against all the countries to see who knows the best, or who is smarter, and better school. when were about to die I doubt we will care about if the person next to us knows more digits of pi or if they have a richer vocabulary. we will probally be thinking about all the friends we made and how well we lived our life. just saying

Whats wrong with me

one day I was talking with a group of girls and one of them said I talk in circles and don't make any sense. Now I know why they would never let me talk or just ignored me when I did. Later in the day I was talking with my team mates and when I started to say somthing I got wierd looks and glares. Why can't I talk like everyone else. I don't get what I'm doing wrong when I say stuff. This always happens to me I meet someone new and everything is cool but after they get to know me It's like they can't stand me. I wish I could just make sense.

lost in a world of mean girls

I never knew girls could be so mean. My friends are super nice and shy they truly care fo me and we never say anthing about each other that we wouldn't say to there face. But when I am with other girls, the girls from dance for example, they say how much they hate their friends and can't stand them. When I asked why they were friends with them the said meanly "That's life coley!" I wanted so badly to slap them. Life is about helping people and finding people you can relate to, not about being with the popular crouwd! They pretend to like someone to get ahead in life, what kind of life is that?! I never thought I would meet girls so rude and selfish! of course  after they said 'that's life' I just smiled and walked away, but I wish I had the courage to say these things to them......

All alone

Do you ever feel like everyone is having more fun than you. I mean I feel like I am missing out on life. I haven't had any fun experience in 3 years. I never hang out with people. I don't have a boyfriend. There is nothing Cool and amazing about my life.

try so hard and never succeed

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Just not good at anything

When I was little I did tons of stuff to try and figure out what I like to do. I tried REALLY hard at everything. After a wile I stopped activites I didn't like doing. Now the only thing I do is dance and I am one of the worst at my studio, and am planning on stopping after years of thinking. But I realized I am not good at anything, like how there are people you know and they have one thing there really good at, like playing baseball, or school. There is nopt one thing I am good at, I am ok at some things but not the person you would think of as good at that.

For example the thing I have tried: golf, playing insterments, singing, basketball, softball, being a super nice person, cooking, dance, soccer, painting/drawing, math,science, anything school related, english, reading, being active, being creative, bowling, being outgoing, being shy, public speaking, writing, pottery, scrapbooking, inventing things, fixing things.


Thats 26 things!!!

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